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About Carolyn

I started searching for Truth at a very early age, when I had everything that I had ever wanted. I had recently married, had a new baby, a house, a car, and money in the bank. Yet I felt an emptiness that I could not explain. I remember thinking to myself - there must be more to life! Questions burned in my heart "What is the meaning of my life? Why am I here?" I searched for answers.

So began my quest, a journey into self-discovery that took me to Vippasana meditation, astrology, Yoga, A course in Miracles, Naturopathy and Nutrition. I studied different types of healing, Journey Work, attained a Master level in Reiki and Teacher's level in Theta Healing.

Drawn to seeking inner truth through Divination, I discovered that the Oracle Cards reflected the deepest levels of a person's psyche - a mirror of the Soul. What a wonderful tool it is for growth and learning on all levels of our being! For example, I had a client who could not sell his business and he came to me for help. When doing his reading, I discovered that he had a belief that his business was unsaleable and was of no value. Through the awareness and confrontation of his attitude, he was able to identify his blockage in selling his business and change his beliefs.

I had two very profound dreams that clearly pointed me in the direction of my life's path, i.e. to provide people with Guidance and Insight in their life purpose and direction, and to empower them to find their own Truths.

The first dream occurred soon after I started using Oracle cards - I was a renowned Star Painter for a metropolis and people would call on me to paint the heavenly stars on their patios. These paintings were not fixed, as we know paintings to be - they would move with the heavens, thereby providing people with the guidance and insight they sought. Stars mean Guidance, Insight and a path to the subconscious.

My second dream followed the application of Theta Healing in my life - I was at a beach, standing waist deep in the sea. At a short distance away, an Indian elephant arose from the depths and walked on water before my eyes! The symbolic interpretation is that Theta Healing has the potential to create miracles.

I am still learning, growing and discovering that life is an ever-changing, evolving process of coming into wisdom and enlightenment, into new ways of being.

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